The housing residences differ from those of the other housings of the same period, both as far as the style and the formation of the interior are concerned. More specifically, the residences “consist of large dugouts of an irregular rectangular or square shape carved in a natural rock”. Inside the residences archaeologists have discovered several ceramic conches, some of which were pitched cups, bottles and flasks with written, reddish decorations on a white external surface. Moreover, archaeologists have discovered clay and stone figurines, tools and household utensils also made of stone, handicraft objects and bones, lentil, barleycorn and wheat seeds, as well as goat, sheep, pig and deer bones.        

It is worth mentioning that the most ancient copper-made hook was discovered at the location “Mylouthkia”.  Additionally, “the most ancient samples of human existence and habitation in Cyprus up until today” come from the housing of Kissonerga. 


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