Kissonerga is one of the largest in population communities of the Pafos District. In contrast to most of the villages of the district, Kissonerga has been following an increasing populating course. In the 20th century, the financial bloom of the village contributed in the increase of the population. In particular, the increase of the population is mainly owed to the tourist development of the community which has created new job positions, as well as to the improved road network which ensures easy access to the town of Pafos and the neighbouring villages. Additionally, the population has increased because Cypriots, foreigners, mostly Europeans, and some refugees of the Turkish invasion of 1974, chose Kissonerga as their permanent place of residence. Presented below is the increasing populating course of Kissonerga from 1881 until 2001.  

Year Population Year Population
1881 245 1946 677
1891 309 1960 698
1901 329 1973 734
1911 403 1976 734
1921 424 1982 809
1931 485 2001 1406