The churches of Metamorphosis Sotiros and of Agios Kononas are the largest of the community. The church of Metamorphosis Sotiros, which is the main church of the village, was built is 1908, whereas the church of Agios Kononas was built in 1987. Moreover, there is also one small chapel near the church of Agios Kononas which is dedicated to Agia Konona, as well as a chapel dedicated to Agia Marina, at the border of our community with the municipality of Pegeia. In the past, at the location “Vouno” there used to be another church inside a cave. In the southwest of the village, there are the ruins of a church dedicated to the Saints Zinaida and Filonilli, whereas in the north of the village, one can see the ruins of the Churches of Agios Nicolaos and Agia Paraskevi. More: Churches    


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