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The Metamorphosis Cultural Club organizes a series of events, some of which in cooperation with the Community Council or other organized parties of the Community. So, let’s find out more about these events.

Christmas Events in Kissonerga

They are held every second Sunday of December in the yard of the church. The Christmas events include:

  • Bazaar – Christmas market with traditional products, decorations and gifts.
  • Christmas carols sung by the school children.
  • Traditional songs.
  • Children’s activities: storytelling, children’s constructions etc.
  • Showing of a Christmas movie at the Club’s premises.
  • Treats and hot beverages.
  • Presents from Santa Claus.

Theophany at the village

As of 2007, the following events take place on Theophany Day:

  • Holy Mass at the church of Metamorphosis Soteros, in the centre of the village.
  • March towards “Plaka” beach (next to Vardas Beach) accompanied by marine scouts.
  • Sanctification and immersion of the Holy Cross into the sea.
  • Coffee, tea and the sweet delicacy “loukoumades” are served.
  • Traditional music entertainment.
  • The Association’s Christmas lottery ballot.


The Theophany Day events are held by the Metamorphosis Cultural Club in cooperation with the Ecclesiastical Committee and the support of the Community Council of Kissonerga.

Carnival Dancing Party and Green Monday in Potima

The following events are held during the carnival period:

  • Big carnival party with a rich buffet, drinks, music, best costume competitions for children and adults.
  • Gift Ballot.


On Green Monday the events include:

  • Traditional music, dancing, games, kite flying, traditional delicacies, bagels.


Cultural Fete – Metamorphosis Dancing Party

The event is held every August and it includes:

  • Live music.
  • Traditional dances.
  • Rich buffet.
  • Traditional dishes (Resi and bagels).
  • Oven baked bread.
  • Retro photo exhibition: “Kissonerga in the past”.
  • Tour around the sights of the village.
  • Shadow play.
  • Bestowal of awards to students who excelled at school.

“Zythonereia” Beach Party

The party is held every August, from dusk until 1 a.m. and it includes:

  • A beach party accompanied by DJ music.
  • Snacks, souvlakia and drinks. 



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