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The Cultural Club was established on June 5, 2006 by a group of youngsters originating from the community of Kissonerga and its primary objectives were set as follows:

  • To preserve and maintain the folkways and traditions of our community.
  • To project and promote our rich cultural and archaeological heritage.
  • To establish our Community as a cultural centre by holding nationwide events.
  • To provide qualitative entertainment for the residents of the Community and a healthy occupation for the youth through a variety of activities. 
  • To preserve and upgrade our natural environment.
  • To give youngsters the opportunity to become involved in sports and other activities.
  • To raise awareness and sensitize citizens on various social problems.  
  • To place Kissonerga on our country’s cultural map through nationwide cultural events, archaeological conventions, lectures, tree plantings etc.

The Board of Directors was elected on November 13, 2013 and consists of the following members:

President: Leonidas Kritiotis / tel: 99489579

Vice President: Nikolas Theodosiou/ tel: 99685692

Secretary: Maria Hadjiefstathiou/ tel: 99655307

Cashier: Stamatia Yiannikou/ tel: 99548740

Members: Marios Parpour, Neophytos Ppolos, Demetris Ioannou, Thomas Thanasi, Christakis Efthymiou

The Club is housed in a newly converted space in the centre of the village, near the coffee shops, where dance and theatre lessons are offered, while a choir will be created soon. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that among the club’s priorities is to establish a memorial day in honor of the heroes of our Community (sometime near March 7) and to enrich Easter events by holding a special event titled “Easter at the village”. 


Metamorphosis Cultural Club



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