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Church of Metamorphosis Sotiros

The main church of the village is dedicated to Metamorphosis Sotiros. The construction of the church is, according to most written and verbal testimonies, dated back in 1906. The church’s inauguration ceremony was held in 1956. 

The church was built with stone that was taken from the ruins of “Vigla”, which was located in the ancient housing “Mosphylia”, as well as from other places of the village.

At the place where the church is built today there used to be a smaller church of Metamorphosis Sotiros, parts of which are preserved in the new church. The distinguished parts of the old church are the entrance of the church in a part of the wall and its iconostasis. In particular, Loukas Christou, as Kleanthis I. Vakis remarks, mentions that they “left the Northern wall and the Chancel Table (of the small church) so that it wouldn’t need to be anointed, as the Metropolitan Bishop of Pafos at the time Iacovos Antzoulatos said”. Vakis also writes that the “old iconostasis of 1855 is believed to have been manufactured and belonged to the older church of Metamorphosis Sotiros. This explains the fact that the iconostasis is smaller than the required size of the larger church that was built in 1906. It must have been originally placed in the centre of the church’s available space. Years later, the iconostasis was expanded to the right side so that it would cover the entire available space”. The expenses for the manufacture of the iconostasis were covered, as the inscriptions testify, by the “sleeping Maria” and it was gilded with the “contribution of her brother Kyriakos”. The iconostasis is adorned by many old but significant icons, in particular icons from the church of Saints Zinaida and Filonilli, from the original church of Metamorphosis and the icon of Agios Tryfonas which was painted either in 1880 or 1881.                                

The Chancel Table of the present church has been placed in the sanctuary, according to its inscription, since 1918, and as Vakis remarks, the church tower was added years later. 


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